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September 4, 2017

Wine & Wisdom A Halachic Overview of Fine Wines

Wine & Wisdom

by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

Torah study offers eternal bliss in both this world and the Next. The Midrash teaches that the pleasure experienced from studying Torah is comparable to that of drinking fine wine. How are we to understand the correlation between these two pleasures? Wine is called the "King of beverages"'; it is the most regal of all drinks. In line with its royal status, the halachos of the brachos associated with wine are among the most intricate and complex, especially those of the brachah of Hatov v'hametiv. Wine and Wisdom gives readers a sampling of these halachos, as they are applied to the world's finest wines. Wine connoisseurs can detect the subtle distinctions between one fine wine and another. Wine and Wisdom combines the depth of halachah with the invigorating taste of superior wines, reframing the entire drinking experience. Anyone who appreciates fine 'wine will find that Wine and Wisdom helps him bring together these two noble pleasures. About the Author: Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis is rosh kollel of Jerusalem's Kollel Toras Chaim, which aims to train rabbis who are thoroughly versed in halachah and committed to take up positions of leadership and service in Jewish communities around the world. Rabbi Travis is also the author of Praying With Joy 1-4, practical daily guides to improving one's prayers, and a number of other books in Hebrew and English . His articles are published regularly in Hamodia and Yated Ne'eman (USA). Rabbi Travis grew up in New York and now lives in Jerusalem with his wife and family. ITEM #: 7296 Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5" ISBN: 978-168025-029-9 Weight: 1.4310 lbs Binding: Hard Cover / 208 pages Published by: Distributed by Feldheim Publishers